Infrared Sauna Package
For those who are after detoxification, removal of heavy metals and bad bacteria’s the infrared sauna package is for you. We recommend to per week, over a three week period. Package of 6 $250.00 Package of 12 $500
LED and Peel Package of 6 $600

For a quick pick me up our peel and LED package is designed to exfoliate and boost your skins health in a short period of 40 minutes. We recommend weekly for optimum results. This includes double cleanse, 10 minutes on an intense LED light program, then rebalancing the skin with a mask.

Technispa Package of 6 $945.00

If you have started a health journey, we recommend the Technispa as a boost to your lymphatic system. Eliminate Toxins, move stagnation, tones muscles and reduce cellulite. We recommend a minimum of 1 per week, or 2 per week for three weeks for optimum results 

Technispa, Infrared Sauna and Kallos Package of 6 $1350

This package offers full cellular regeneration in our state of the art Kallos altitude therapy room. By doing these treatments in our Kallos room it triples the effects of  the treatments and also increases metabolic rate which has a fat burning effect. For optimum results we recommend 2 a week for three weeks. This includes a 35 minute infrared sauna and full body technispa treatment in our revolutionary Kallos therapy room. 

We can also customise packages with all of our treatments to suit your skins requirements so you receive the best possible results fo

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