Yvette Hayes

Owner and Longevity Innovator

With over 23-years’ experience in the Australian Beauty and Wellness Industry, award-winning paradmedically trained skin-aesthetician and age management innovator Yvette Hayes brings her next-level skills and wealth of experience to Pellis Medispa. 

Starting her career in Sydney’s Luxury Spas, Yvette dedicated herself to skin, and went to open her first Australian salon in 2002, in the beachside suburb of Coogee in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Developing a devoted following, Yvette is Australia’s best kept skin health secret. Highly regarded for her extensive knowledge and for her warmth and dedication, providing impeccable service and delivering unbelievable results for every client. 

Positioned at the leading edge of science and research, Yvette delivers the very best skin revision and body treatments with a strong focus on treating the whole person, from the inside out. Working in alignment with Australia’s best health professionals, Yvette collaborates with many other modalities for total skin and body rejuvenation.

In 2008, a ground-breaking idea was born. From that moment, Yvette directed 10 years of clinical trials, medical research, and product innovation to create Vita Vi Altitude Therapy, at her flagship destination, Pellis Medispa. This world-first destination and therapy is set to revolutionise the skin health and age management treatment landscape.

Yvette’s passion for cellular rejuvenation and renewal, started from a personal experience and has evolved to help people restore and regenerate in the correct environment.

Welcome to Pellis Medispa

A skin clinic conveniently located in the Sydney area

Our philosophy is centred around treating the skin as a whole organ, not just superficial fluff which can be done at home. With our highly trained therapists and state-of-the-art modalities, we can create healthy functioning and youthful skin.

Pellis Values: 


We accept and work through problems as a team and take everything as a learning experience. We accept our roles and the impact of our actions. This allows us to be compassionate, forgiving and grow from the experience.


We are truly connected to what we believe in and creating that relationship with clients is what we do best. These energetic connections give us harmony and initiative to keep on striving for success.


Educating is paramount for growth, and committing to learning is second nature within our team. We set aside valuable time to learn, refuel our hunger for bettering ourselves, and delivering our clients with the highest quality.


This is what drives us to become the best in our field. Being passionate about our client’s skin journey, seeking achievements as a team and striving for positive client feedback and celebrating this achievement.

What Pellis stands for is continuous improvement in our team, our customers, our business, and we love what we do.


About our clinic

Pellis Medispa is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb, Randwick. Our serene space is designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind, creating a safe and secure environment for our clients. The luxurious and minimalist interior has been designed carefully for your enjoyment and relaxation, providing you with a memorable experience. 

Our skin clinic in Sydney offers the most advanced rejuvenation treatments and products for the face and body. We offer world-renowned therapies, from DMK Skin Revision to Cutera’s Excel V+, making us a one stop destination to achieve great-looking skin. We also take it one step further to provide you with cosmetic injectables to naturally enhance your features, offering a range from PRGF to Anti-wrinkle injections. All therapies we offer are the most effective, safest, and revolutionary skin and body treatments which cannot be found in other Sydney Clinics. 

Our highly qualified therapist and team are committed and focused on fulfilling your needs from the moment you walk in, up until you walk out the door. They are highly knowledgeable and parmedically trained, to provide you with the most outstanding treatments. All injections are performed by our extremely experienced and skilled registered nurse cosmetic injector. We take pride in our incredible results, treating the client holisitically, rather than just superficial. 

For all new clients a complementary consultation is completed prior to treatment using our advanced Observ Skin Analysis Technology. This will examine the skin on a deeper cellular level, conveying how well your skin is functioning, and why you are experiencing repetitive skin concerns. This help us to customise treatments and programs that are ideally suited to your needs, including prescribed homecare to continue the skin renewal process achieving long-term results.

Affordable solutions at a quality skin clinic in Sydney

Here at pellis medispa we strongly believe that everyone should have access to the safest and most innovative non-surgical cosmetic face and body treatments. For this reason we accept a number of flexible options to make payment easier.

These include:

  • Cash
  • Most major credit cards (we do not accept diners)
  • Eftpos
  • Salonpay and
  • Afterpay

We recommend purchasing packages of treatments that will not only deliver spectacular results but allow you more freedom to come and make the change to your face or body (remember … you don’t go to the gym once and leave fit, but it also takes time!).

Call our Skin Clinic in Sydney today

If your objective is to look and feel great all year round, then our skin clinic in Sydney can help. All our treatments are designed to rejuvenate, restore, invigorate, and revise the skin. Using the most innovative and proven cosmetic treatments performed by our experience team of dedicated professionals, you will leave Pellis haven fallen in love with your skin.

Give us a call or book now.

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