Body Therapies

Technispa $189 Allow 60min
This renowned Guinot technology brings lymphatic drainage, galvanic infusion and faradic muscle toning (electrical stimulation) together in one treatment. The Technispa works fantastically well to eliminate fluid retention, significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite and tone the major muscle groups. Included is a full body exfoliation and application of body moisturiser at the end that keeps the lymphatics working post treatment! Ad on sauna for only $40, allow 30min. Recommended pre technispa to sweat out heavy metals, toxins and excess fluid and heats the tissue up for more effective results.
DMK Body à 45min stand alone treatment $120 per body part or Add on $95 per body part

DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy Treatment is specifically designed to encourage the bodies skin to perform at its best. This unique solution is used to help revise cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, crepe like loose skin, poor circulation, ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, keratsis pilaris and acne. If you have lost a lot of weight but still carry loose skin, a tailored program using DMK’s Body Enzyme Therapy can help to tighten and snap the skin back into place! DMK creates skin revision treatments so you can love the body you live in. The enzymes work so well with the technispa here at Pellis we work on all levels of the skin for maximum results.

Criocumm Fat Freezing à Single Applicator $249 allow, Dual Applicator $429 allow 60min

Fat Freezing is the brand name for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that targets selective stubborn fat cells using cold temperatures to “freeze” and kill them. Here at Pellis Medispa, our highly experienced Sydney therapists use a state-of-the-art medical device known as Criocuum, which is based on a principle of fat reduction known as cryoliporeduction. This treatment produces amazing results with an average reduction in fatty tissue of up to 45%. The fat removal procedure is carried out easily, quickly, permanently, and with no surgery or downtime. A consultation is required and healthy food intake and exercise is necessary to achieve the best results. Three treatments on the same area is required for optimum results, one month apart.

DMK Body sculpting wrap $120 Allow 45min

A thermogenic, body sculpting wrap, this treatment assists in stimulating the lymphatic-drainage system, helping to remove toxins and waste material that cause stagnation and fluid build-up. This prevents fat cells from becoming engorged and squashing the blood vessels. When fat cells are inflated with fluid and toxic waste they bulge and create the dimpled, lumpy bumpy appearance seen on the skin that we call cellulite. Body Sculpting stimulates the circulatory and lymphatics drainage systems restoring optimal function to the affected area helping to revise the appearance of cellulite and flatten out those stubborn dimples to create a firm, tight and toned body. Great treatment for muscle fatigue and lactic acid build post technispa.

Germaine De Capuccini Vitamin C infusion Body exfoliation and body wrap Allow 60 min $149

Melt away dead skin cells with this Vitamin C infused body exfoliant leaving your skin looking and feeling brand new. After you have washed off in our shower, you then apply the Vitamin C illuminous body mask on and your skin which will rejuvenate and absorb this Vitamin C goodness. This is left on your skin by massaging in the access and allowing your skin to fully absorb and then you shower it off in the evening. Your skin is left feeling like velvet and looks hydrated and soothed.

We are aware of people’s time restrictions so we are able to do two treatments at once for example: criocuum fat freezing with a DMK Enzyme treatment, if you would like this please notify our team and we can organise dual treatments at once!

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