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Get in Shape with Fat Freezing In Sydney

If you’re struggling with areas of unwanted body fat that diet and exercise alone can’t shift, we’ve got the solution – Fat Freezing. Sydney based Pellis Medispa has helped hundreds of men and women just like you reshape their bodies and boost their confidence.

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A cool way to shape your body

Fat Freezing is the brand name for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that targets selective stubborn fat cells using cold temperatures to “freeze” and kill them.

Here at Pellis Medispa, our highly experienced Sydney therapists use a state-of-the-art medical device known as Criocuum, which is based on a principle of fat reduction known as cryoliporeduction.

This treatment produces amazing results with an average reduction in fatty tissue of up to 45%. The fat removal procedure is carried out easily, quickly, permanently, and with no surgery or downtime.

How does it work?

The Fat Freezing procedure involves cooling or freezing selected fat cells, located beneath the skin within the treatment area, to a certain point where the temperature triggers their destruction, a process known as “apoptosis”. Once this has occurred, the body naturally removes the dead fat cells through its own immune system. While Fat Freezing in Sydney won’t help you lose weight, it will contour and shape your body. An ideal candidate for Fat Freezing will be within 10kg of their healthy weight range.

It’s easy to start your Fat Freezing Journey in Sydney

The first step is to book a one-to-one consultation with our one of our experienced Fat Freezing therapists. This will be your opportunity to discuss how you’d like to reshape your body. Together, we’ll view your body from different angles and then focus on the specific areas to treat.

Fat Freezing in Sydney tailored to your individual needs

We use the Criocuum medical device for targeting and freezing the most common areas of unwanted stubborn fat.

● Abdomen
● Hips
● Waistline
● Upper arms
● Back
● Thighs
● Buttocks

Everyone’s body is different, which is why we work with you to tailor a body sculpting treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

We can even treat two parts of the body at once!

For some patients, their customised Fat Freezing treatment may require more than one visit to our body sculpting clinic in Sydney. If you’re short on time but have several areas that require fat freezing, you’ll be pleased to know that the sophisticated Criocuum system can treat two separate parts of your body at the same time.

Based on a clinical assessment, our therapist will recommend which areas of your body can be treated and how many treatments you’re likely to require. We’ll also discuss Fat Freezing in Sydney and prices, so you’re fully informed before treatment begins.

Treatment Day – What to Expect

With the Criocuum system, your treatment will take between 40 and 60 minutes. Once completed, you’ll be able to carry on with your usual activities without experiencing the discomfort, pain and cost associated with a surgical treatment.

The Fat Freezing procedure also tightens the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage for optimum health. The role of the lymphatic system is to keep your immune system operating smoothly, while simultaneously cleaning and nourishing all of the cells in your body. You’ll look and feel fantastic!

What happens during the freezing procedure?

Our Sydney therapist will ensure you’re lying down comfortably before starting the treatment, which involves applying a gel pad and applicator to the treatment zone. Using the Criocuum system, controlled cooling is applied to the targeted fat cells for up to 60 minutes.

You won’t feel any pain although you may be aware of a slight tugging sensation where the skin is placed between the cooling panels of the device.

The magic happens over a full cycle lasting several weeks and can be split into 4 stages, as shown below.

Stage 1 - Chilling
The Criocuum system consists of interchangeable applicators according to the body part being treated and the size of the treatment area.

The relevant applicator will be placed over the area being treated to trigger the cryoliporeduction process, which sucks the fatty tissue up into the handpiece cavity while simultaneously applying temperatures ranging from 5˚ C to as low as -10˚C.

Stage 2 – Reaction
The coldness of the temperatures causes a reaction within the fat cells of the treatment area that forces their self-destruction. Don’t worry – the surrounding healthy tissue will not be harmed.
Stage 3 – Elimination
The dead fat cells are gradually removed from the body by being flushed through your liver, with some Sydney patients seeing visible results in as little as 15 days.
Stage 4 – Completion

Depending on the individual, the Criocuum treatment takes full effect between 8 to 12 weeks; after which you’ll notice that your body looks more contoured and slim, while your skin will have more bounce and elasticity.

In general, patients can expect to receive 1 to 3 Fat Freezing treatments for each treatment area, although this depends on the results they’re looking for and the number of areas being treated.

Benefits of Fat Freezing in Sydney using the Criocuum system

● Results look natural as they develop gradually during the weeks following treatment
● Quick non-invasive treatments
● Fatty tissue in the targeted treatment area is reduced by up to 45%
● The elasticity of your skin in increased in the targeted area by up to 74%
● Fatty tissue is reduced on average between 3 – 15mm
● Two parts of the body can be treated at the same time

How to know if you’re a good candidate for Fat Freezing in Sydney

Fat Freezing is a safe, effective body fat reducing treatment for most men and women, but it isn’t suitable for everyone.

People with the following conditions should not go ahead with Fat Freezing:

● Cold agglutinin disease
● Cryoglobulinemia
● Paroxysmal cold haemoglobulinuria
● Pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive
● Inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis
● Nerve condition such as diabetic neuropathy
● Weakened immune system
● Obesity

As with any medical procedure, you should always ask your Sydney GP if Fat Freezing is right for you.

It’s also important to recognise that Fat Freezing is not designed to be a weight loss tool. In fact, we recommend that you only consider the procedure once you’re nearing your ideal weight. By removing those last few stubborn areas of fatty tissue and refining your body contour, it adds the finishing touch to all of your hard work.

Call Pellis Medispa today on (02) 9664 7056 to schedule your Fat Freezing consultation.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Are there any side effects?
Any noticeable side effects are relatively minor and occur purely around the treatment zone. Immediately after the treatment Sydney patients may experience some of the following symptoms:

● Tenderness
● Redness
● Minor swelling
● Tingling
● Bruising
● Stinging
● Numbness
● Skin sensitivity
● Muscle cramps

You may also find that your skin itches for a few days following your treatment.

Can the Criocuum procedure remove fat from anywhere on my body?
It can treat visible fat bulges on the abdomen and thighs, along with love handles on the hips, back fat and bra fat, upper arms, and also beneath the buttocks (commonly referred to as ‘banana roll’). Our Sydney therapist will put together a customised treatment plan to help you meet your individual body goals.
Where does the fat go and is the loss permanent?

One benefit of fat loss using Fat Freezing in Sydney is that unlike when you diet and exercise, fat cells are completely destroyed and removed from the body. This means that those cells have no way of returning to your body and therefore can’t grow with weight gain.

Will I need to take time off work following the procedure?
Absolutely not! This is a non-invasive procedure which means there is no cutting or stitching involved and no anaesthetic. You could, if you wanted, have the procedure carried out in your lunch break and return to work the same afternoon. You can also exercise and do all of the activities you were doing prior to treatment.
Is Fat Freezing safe?
Yes, while it’s a relatively new technology in Sydney, it’s now a leading world-wide proven fat reducing procedure. The devices used for freezing are carefully controlled and designed to switch off if sensors detect that your skin is getting too cold.
How many treatments will I need?
It’s hard to say for certain how many treatments will be necessary as every individual is different and it’s important to maintain realistic expectations. Note that each area can only be treated a maximum of three times in a 12 month period.
When can I have another treatment?

Patience is the name of the game when it comes to Fat Freezing. Because the process depends on the body’s ability to naturally dispose of the fat cells by flushing them out organically, treatments are scheduled one month apart, over three months.

How much does fat freezing in Sydney cost?

We believe in making our treatments affordable to everyone which is why we offer a wide variety of payment methods.

● Cash
● All credit cards, including AM Express (not Diners)
● After Pay
● Salon Pay
At various times we offer special discounts and promotions, so keep checking out our website and you could be lucky enough to benefit from a fat freezing in Sydney deal.

Will I see results right away?
It’s a gradual process, but clients often see results within two weeks of a session. We take all measurements and keep track so you can be sure you are seeing real results.
Why choose Pellis Medispa?
All of our skin treatments are carried out in our luxurious Sydney spa by friendly experienced therapists who have undergone in-depth training to deliver outstanding results.

We pride ourselves on providing modern technologies, the highly skilled therapists, and a luxurious decor. Oh… did we mention we serve you with the best tea too!

Visiting Pellis Medispa is an investment in yourself that you can trust and feel confident about. We guarantee a warm welcome and a professional experience that you can recommend to all your friends.

Call and find out more about Fat Freezing and the Criocuum

Whether you want to fit better into your clothes or achieve a stunning hourglass figure, Fat Freezing in Sydney can help achieve your ideal look. Not only will you look shapelier and trimmer, but you’ll discover a huge boost in your confidence levels too.

When you decide to go ahead with Fat Freezing there’s no surgery, no needles, and no downtime.

Call us today on (02) 9664 7056 to book your Fat Freezing Sydney consultation. We offer a full spa experience from the moment you walk through the door.

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