We all love to have glowing skin, healthy internal function and be able to run on a high-level mode to get through the day, right?!!!

This can only be done if we allow our bodies to also rest and recuperate.  One way of allowing the body to restore is for a medical sweat.  Infrared Sauna.  The health benefits of this treatment are beyond words, and it allows our largest organ, our skin to do its most important function and that is to sweat out acid toxins, heavy metals, cellular waste, excess fluid, bacteria, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol and lactic acid.

Infrared Saunas are used in functional health facilities, rehab hospitals and Medispas.  They are medical grade, they help the body repair, regenerate and detoxify.  Infrared saunas are a form of energy that directly transmits into our body using wavelengths.  It is not a form of radiation like UV and does not give you any form of sun damage or cellular damage.  The main difference between conventional saunas and infrared is conventional use hot air to move heat whereas the infrared warms your body directly.  The infrared heats our internal organs to release all the toxins, heavy metals, cellular waste etc., and it enters our lymphatics and sweats through the skin.  Our lymphatic system is just beneath our skin hence when you have an infrared sweat it comes out of every pore over your entire body.  Studies show the difference from a conventional sauna and infrared sauna is the conventional sauna you lose more water fewer toxins whereas the infrared you lose less water and more toxins.  The sweat has been tested in an infrared sauna and is much more viscous than that of a conventional sauna.  The infrared energy can penetrate up to 45mm into our skin and body.

Sweating is our body’s natural cooling process, so 80% of the heat energy is directly converted and penetrated our bodies whereas a conventional sauna you only get up 20% of that heat. 

The infrared sauna heat increases our blood circulation which therefore increases our cardiovascular system. Heart rate increase which stimulates our metabolic rate which gives greater fat burn, it also decreases our diastolic blood pressure, which improves our overall cardiovascular health.

Infrared saunas and fitness go so well together a lot of our clients use the infrared sauna for pre and post fitness benefits.  Pre benefits are you warm-up, loosen your muscles, fewer chances of muscle injury with warmer muscles you get a greater range of motion and flexibility.  Post fitness infrared saunas help oxygen debt recovery and you heal faster from strains and any muscle pain.  Infrared saunas are popular for injuries and pain relief, it helps reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and arthritis.

Also, what comes with an increase in circulation is it helps detoxify our liver and kidneys people who suffer from impaired liver and kidney problems find a lot of relief in infrared saunas. With the purging of toxins, this also improves our immunity.  By inducing a fever per se it increases our immunity and strengthens our health.  The increase in toxin release helps our body fight off disease and becomes a stronger defence mechanism.


Overall, infrared sauna is so good for stress reduction, mental health, reduces our nervous system calms our mind and you are left feeling regenerated, renewed and lighter.  Also, can help increase a peaceful sleep.

At Pellis we recommend the sauna with all treatments, pre facials and pre body treatments and post-treatment for the TechniSPA.  We believe sweating is a huge part of good internal health if you have good internal health your skin will glow look youthful and regenerate better.  Having a stagnate body only causes cellulite, puffiness, lethargy, mood swings and dull-looking skin.  It is so important to increase your blood circulation and get your skin sweating for the overall longevity of our cells.

The only reason you can not have an infrared sauna is if you are pregnant or going through IVF.  If you are receiving chemotherapy post-chemo is fine.  Fresh skin burns are not to be exposed to this heat, but once they are healed, they can be it is great for soft tissue damage and reducing the pain.

If you suffer from acne the infrared sauna is such a good clear out for your skin. Acne is a mix of acid toxins in the skin, a build-up of dead skin, infected follicles and misuse of products.  Having regular infrared saunas opens pores that have not functioned properly which allows all that build-up to be relieved and reduces the inflammation in the skin.  We recommend 2 saunas a week for 3 weeks for clients with severe acne.  This relieves the pain of the acne, the odour, the inflammation to allow us then to do gently skin treatments to treat the skin topically.

Another condition we treat with infrared sauna is eczema and psoriasis.  By reducing the inflammation and getting rid of the acid toxins and looking at gut health the skin clears up and heals very well.


Infrared saunas are a necessity for cellular longevity and our health.  It is our skin’s natural law to sweat and clear out toxins.  Our infrared sauna is a lie-down model and your head is out so if you are claustrophobic you will be fine in this model.  We also have light therapy with our Sunlighten Sauna.  For medical papers please head to the Sunlighten website to read for yourself!!

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