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Kallos Altitude Therapies Only available at Pellis Medispa.

Introducing Kallos Altitude Therapies, a revolutionary non-invasive approach to anti-ageing, full cellular rejuvenation and longevity that can be incorporated into any lifestyle, at any age.

Kallos Therapies ignites the YOUTH ELIXIR within you!

After more than 10 years of research and development, Kallos Altitude Therapies is a world-first delivery system and treatment protocol that is proven to deliver remarkable results, and it is as easy as just breathing.
Here at Pellis Medispa in Sydney, our flagship clinic, we have the world’s first specially constructed and installed Altitude Delivery System in a Medispa setting. Kallos Therapies take place in a specially designed treatment room, which is luxurious and comfortable.

Why altitude?

Ageing is inevitable. It happens to every living organism as cells oxidise. In human physiology, the largest contributing factor to ageing is the reduction of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which starts to deplete around the age of 30. Scientific research shows that breathing low oxygen air stimulates the release of HGH. Studies have shown that the average lifespan of people living in high altitudes ranging from 2000-3000 meters is 114. 

At sea level we breathe 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen; our Kallos therapy rooms start at 13% oxygen and can vary depending on the individual. Altitude exposure is one of the most natural ways of stimulating HGH, and Kallos Altitude Therapies is the safest and most effective system yet developed to ensure maximum benefit with no adverse effect. Low oxygen saturation can last up to four hours post-treatment.

High altitude technology has been around for more than 50 years in the sports and equine arena but until now, no-one has married the myriad benefits with anti-ageing and cellular rejuvenation or developed the protocols to maximise results for skin, cellular rejuvenation, and overall well being. Kallos ignities the YOUTH ELIXIR in you.  Who would have thought receiving specific therapies in a high-altitude room can reverse oxidative stress, lower your adrenals stress and allow your body to function and repair with ease! 

Acclimation and treatment programme

Kallos Therapy starts with acclimation, meaning that you can receive the maximum benefit of high altitude but with no adverse effects such as altitude sickness. This is a gentle and gradual process, and most people acclimatise very well. Acclimation is measured against a set of strictly monitored criteria, carefully developed by Kallos.  A full consultation is conducted prior to treatment to assess the safety and any contraindications, and to explain the process to you.

Once acclimatised, a bespoke programme of treatments is designed to be taken in Altitude, which includes two game-changing packages: the Lymphatic Reboot Program, and the Anti-Aging Cellular Renewal Program, to dramatically improve your overall wellbeing and supercharge your anti-aging goals.  We bring alive the youth elixir within you!

Kallos Altitude Therapies doesn’t just treat the skin, it treats every cell in the body. We work on the outside, and Kallos does the work internally, creating the most sophisticated, complete, and unique wellbeing treatment on the global market.

Outcome of Kallos therapies

1. Hormone regulation
The most common feedback we receive is that the Kallos therapy room is euphoric. High altitude in a controlled environment releases your happy hormones: serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, while reducing adrenal stress and excess cortisol.

2. Reduced Inflammation
Significant reduction in skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and stretch marks, as well as relief from arthritic joint pain and headaches.

3. Mitochondrial effectiveness
Exposure to altitude increases HGH and ATP, which enables the mitochondria to work more effectively, which in turn stimulates cell repair and regeneration.

4. Plumper, smoother skin
Increases stimulation of fibroblasts in the skin’s dermal layer, encouraging the production of new collagen, elastin
and reticular fibres. Skin looks more youthful all over the body not just the face, no injections required!

5. Pre and post-operative rehabilitation
Prepares and repairs clients who are undergoing or have undergone cosmetic surgery, reducing healing time and Improving scarring.

6. Weight loss
With the reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation, the body naturally begins to shed weight. Altitude increases the metabolic rate and stays in the body for up to four hours after each session. This leads to accelerated fat burning.

7. Improved sleep
We have clients that book the room for 2 hours just to sleep and rest. A one hour sleep in the Kallos therapy room is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep in a normal environment. It resets your circadian rhythms and sleep pattern, and travellers use the room to reset their body clocks and overcome jet lag. Due to reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, sleep improves. With better, deeper sleep, the body rests
and regenerates in the way it should.

8. Strengthened immunity
Fewer infections and lessened susceptibility to illness, better mental clarity and massive improvements in productivity.

Who is eligible?
Everyone is eligible with the exception of those currently receiving cancer treatment.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with Kallos Cloud for your business centre, board room, airport lounge, yoga studio, resort or other like minded business, please contact us to discuss licensing opportunities.

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