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Consultation only. Allow 30min. Complimentary.

Pellis believes in education and guidance. The consultation is learning about how we can achieve together long lasting, result driven delivery of home care and skin care treatments. It is important to us that you understand fully what you are putting topically and internally into your body. We recommend that you bring in your current skin care products and be open to treatment recommendations.

All our treatments are tailor-made for you after a full and detailed consultation using the Skin Observ for superior diagnostics. We take out the guesswork and reveal exactly what your skin needs right now to restore vitality, glow, youthfulness, and health or tackle whatever skin concern is presenting. We work with you to reach your skin goals utilising the highest level of training and experience from the classical techniques to the best of modern technology. We specialise in advanced delivery methods that ensure we target the full depth of the dermis, meaning you achieve maximum benefits and brilliant results. Experience the difference at Pellis and fall in love with your skin.

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