Who doesn’t love a good valued package!! For best results we provide packages for our clients.  We have a standard package for any treatment, pay for 5 and get one free or purchase 10 and get two free. 
We also provide customised treatment plans for skin and body revision and maintenance programs. 
Please speak to your dermal therapist for more information and a treatment plan. 
We also have payment options as well such as Salon Pay which is powered by Afterpay, ZIP and our own payment plan which you can pay for your treatments only, over 3 payments.  
Infrared Sauna Package

For those who are after detoxification, removal of heavy metals and bad bacteria’s the infrared sauna package is for you. We recommend to per week, over a three week period.

Package of 6 $300
Package of 12 $600

Technispa Package of 6 $945.00

If you have started a health journey, we recommend the Technispa as a boost to your lymphatic system. Eliminate Toxins, move stagnation, tones muscles and reduce cellulite. We recommend a minimum of 1 per week, or 2 per week for three weeks for optimum results 

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What you should know about fat freezing in Sydney

Fat Freezing has come to Sydney through Pellis Medispa. Our experienced therapists freeze fat in Sydney using a medical device called a Criocuum, which does the freezing. This procedure is non-invasive; it freezes stubborn fat cells and eventually kills them. We require a consultation before your fat freezing appointment to ensure your diet and habits are in line for the best results. We recommend three fat freezing sessions that will be one month apart for the best and long-lasting results.

Benefits of Fat Freezing services

After your first session, you will already start to see the fantastic results of fat freezing. We aim to provide the best services regarding your skin and body and would not recommend this procedure for anybody who is pregnant or has any open wounds.

  • Fat freezing is a non-invasive procedure that uses a machine to freeze fat instead of surgery. The device releases cold energy that ultimately destroys the fat cells it contacts.
  • Freezing fat requires a short period. We do one treatment every month for three months, and you need no unnecessary downtime.
  • The recovery period of this procedure is short as it’s not an open procedure, and you won’t experience any aches and pains.

Signs you should Invest in Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Anybody who doesn’t have any underlying conditions regarding blood cells, body fat, pregnancy and open wounds can benefit from fat freezing.

  • If you are looking for some mild changes to sculpt your body and tone up, you should consider fat freezing.
  • If you experience difficultly getting rid of fat in a specific area, fat freezing could facilitate your progress.
  • Anybody who is not significantly overweight can benefit from fat freezing. If you have an issue with your weight and feel you are in the bracket to benefit, a consultation with one of our therapists is ideal for clearing up any uncertainty.

About Pellis Medispa

Pellis Medispa is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb, Randwick. Our serene space is designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind, creating a safe and secure environment for our clients. The luxurious and minimalist interior has been designed carefully for your enjoyment and relaxation, providing you with a memorable experience.

Our skin clinic in Sydney offers the most advanced rejuvenation treatments and products for the face and body. We offer world-renowned therapies, from DMK Skin Revision to Cutera’s Excel V+, making us a one stop destination to achieve great-looking skin. We also take it one step further to provide you with cosmetic injectables to naturally enhance your features, offering a range from PRGF to Anti-wrinkle injections. All therapies we offer are the most effective, safest, and revolutionary skin and body treatments which cannot be found in other Sydney Clinics.

Our highly qualified therapist and team are committed and focused on fulfilling your needs from the moment you walk in, up until you walk out the door. They are highly knowledgeable and parmedically trained, to provide you with the most outstanding treatments. All injections are performed by our extremely experienced and skilled registered nurse cosmetic injector. We take pride in our incredible results, treating the client holisitically, rather than just superficial.

For all new clients a complementary consultation is completed prior to treatment using our advanced Observ Skin Analysis Technology. This will examine the skin on a deeper cellular level, conveying how well your skin is functioning, and why you are experiencing repetitive skin concerns. This help us to customise treatments and programs that are ideally suited to your needs, including prescribed homecare to continue the skin renewal process achieving long-term results.

Book your first appointment online or contact us for any further queries – we look forward to working with you!

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