We all want perfect face proportions unless you are visiting your injector every 3 months and they have a very good way with their needle you could achieve nearly perfect face proportions

There are so many face shapes, oval, square, round, heart and we all have different ways of using our face muscles and expressions.  When we use certain facial muscles, they get more toned and use what happens to the others that we don’t use. 

Yes, that is right they lack strength so, therefore, become more drooped. It states that a perfectly proportioned face should be the following:

  • Proportion #1: The eyes are halfway down the head.
  • Proportion #2: The space between the eyes is approximately the width of an eye.
  • Proportion #3: The head is about five eyes wide.
  • Proportion #4: The corners of the mouth line up with the pupils of the eyes.

Some ways to keep your face perfectly proportioned is facial massage.  Facial massage really helps relieve tension in the face which can cause a change in your face shape.  Daily rituals of facial massage should be done post-shower of an evening to maintain your perfect face. 

By doing this you are increasing blood flow to the area and helping cellular metabolism and regeneration of new cells.  This also firms your facial muscles, have you ever tried facial yoga?! These are specific movements that tone, firm your facial muscles.  This is becoming a massive craze now and really is changing tired looking faces into their own form of perfect face. 

Without the injections or surgery.  This is another avenue if you are really wanting the perfect face.  There’re many forms of liquid face lifts, ponytail face lifts that people are getting done to achieve the perfect face. 

Achieving a perfect face is a very personal decision, you need to be happy with your choices and really research the place you are going to and the nurse or doctor who is performing the procedure. 

This is for the individuals who are wanting more of an invasive approach to achieving the perfect face or there is the Skin Aestheticians and dermal therapists that maintain your skin’s youth and prescribe good home care to maintain the results. 

Home tools to achieve good toned facial muscles and skin are the Gua Sha and jade rollers.  Facial acupuncture is also another fantastic way to keep facial proportion on point.

Perfect facial proportion is all about the individuals bone structure which no one has the same, muscle tone and healthy dewy skin.

Anti Wrinkle injections are also a way if you are wanting long term results (3-4months), these injections are a scheduled drug so need to be administered by a Registered Nurse or a Doctor.  They are measured in units so a forehead might need 20 units, one eyebrow may need more units to soften the arch it is up to the injector to understand the perfect face proportion for that patient.

Another form is filler.  There are two types of filler a synthetic filler or filler made by your own Plasma Growth Factors which is what we provide here at Pellis.  We do so much of this treatment due to the fact it is completely Kosher, natural we can make a thin filler or a thick filler depending on the client. 

A client who has lost a lot of volume in their face can cause a lot of unhappiness because it is a sign of aging and adding volume can really lift, plump and create a youthful look. 

PRFG is a great way to achieve this and it does not leave a residue in our cells or thin the skin it thickens the dermis.  It is used in conjunction with our Dermapen treatments to thicken thin saggy skins.

Perfect proportions is in the eye of the beholder so contact us now (02) 9159 3735!